Error upgrading Veeam 9.5u4 to v11

Today I want to share with you a specific topic about an upgrade. After Veeam released new v12 in February, a lot of our clients ask us to go up with their oldest version.

I received various requests for upgrade starting from 9.5 or 9.5U4 Veeam Server. All of these are a consequence of previous updates and I start from VEEAM KB to know path and best practice to do.

When I start upgrade (9.5u4 as starting point) I receive this error message


So at this point the only solution was remove all components and perform a fresh installation.

To do this I need to be sure configuration backup was created with correct version. Ok…. starting to check version

From Veeam console I see correct version

From Programs I notice a little difference

The console was in a previous version (v but config backup was correct.

I was at a crossroads…. uninstall all components ad perform a fresh installation importing config backup, but they could remain useless things, or try to solve?

I tried second way… with right version (v of shell.X64.msi I perform an unistall of console, an upgrade to 9.5U4 then I was able to start with v11 upgrade of all.

I hope this article is useful for those who are in the same conditions.

Thanks for read