Windows server is locked. Error during backup

During backup it can happens to have an unexpected issue and backups fail.


Veeam B&R Server in datacenter.
  A single ESXi host in remote office with some VM and a Veeam Backup Proxy;

During the scheduled backup ESXi host goes down and at restart vSphere did not allow proxy turn on because it did not find vmdk and producing this error:

VMware ESX cannot find the virtual disk “/vmfs/volumes/5f452b27-33c5bfb0-c09f-4cd98fc89674/Server/Server_1-000004.vmdk”. Verify the path is valid and try again.

Backup job had, clearly, an error with message: Microsoft Windows server discovery failed Error: Windows server is locked This happened because proxy uses the Virtual Appliance Data Transfer Mode (HOTADD).


First you need to remove non-proxy disks. Go to the virtual machine, right click and select Edit Settings,  by clicking on the X

WARNING: DO NOT SELECT “Delete files from datastore” flag  

So you can click OK to confirm disk removal.

Not necessarily to be done but I have again applied the commands  to have the automount disabled to the proxy as appropriate Knowledge Base: Last step was to make a discovery of the proxy in VEEAM from this path: “Backup Infrastructure – Managed Server – Microsoft Windows”, selecting the proxy server and doing a Rescan.


Restarting backup job it finished completed succesfully

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